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Is World War 3 Coming?


World War 3 is not quite here yet, but it’s coming.

The threat of World War 3 is real and growing. Many people think that World War 3 has been inevitable for years; it has been a topic of conversation for decades. While it’s always been possible that World War 3 would happen, it’s only recently that the world has come together in such a fashion to make the possibility a reality.

World War 3

Putin Threatens Nukes

Vladimir Putin’s speech today marked the biggest escalation of the Ukraine war, and raises fears of an unprecedented disaster. The Russian leader warned that any further military action on Ukrainian soil will lead to a “full-scale” war. This is the first time that Putin has directly threatened nuclear war since Ukraine’s conflict began.

The Middle East is on fire, with countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia at each other’s throats. China just announced that it will be developing a new class of super-powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as well as developing hypersonic glide vehicles to help them get there faster and hit targets more quickly.

The United States is too busy fighting its own internal battles to keep any real control over its allies or adversaries. It has been funding Ukraine in their efforts to fight the Russian invasion.

Is World War 3 Coming?And then there’s North Korea… If you thought things were bad before, imagine what they’ll be like after they get their hands on nuclear weapons. It’s not hard to imagine that Kim Jong-Un will be more than happy to have them — and use them. He’s already threatened to use nuclear weapons against those countries in the past. Why shouldn’t he threaten them when conflict is swirling across the globe? He’s launching missiles over Japan right now!

But a “World War” 3 Coming?

The way it could unfold would be a series of proxy wars starting, and escalating around the globe. Proxy battles in Yemen, Ukraine, and possibly Taiwan foreshadow larger geopolitical conflicts until, very similar to World War 1, a series of countries declare war on each other. Then like control of energy resources or access to markets for their products.

The first major battles would be between Russia and Nato. This war could be fought using cyber warfare, with both sides using their own cyber warriors to attack each other’s infrastructure and systems.

A second war would then begin in the Middle East between Israel and Iran. This conflict would also be fought by both sides using cyber warfare. This would make it much more difficult for anyone to know what was really happening.

A third scenario has war breaking out between the U.S., China, Japan and Russia in the Pacific Ocean region. This conflict would prove devastating to the entire world.

The New World Order

There is a group of people that profits from war. They would prefer to control the world, and it’s conflicts. They want to create their own global laws and regulations so they can control the rest of us. They will use a world war or other disaster to achieve a new world order.

With so many countries at each other’s throats, and so much power at stake there’s very little time to turn back. We must stand up and fight for peace against this impending global catastrophe now. Time is not on our side.