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Womens Sports in 2023


Over the past 50 years women’s sports has continued to grow in popularity and participation. With the increasing trend of biological men dominating some women’s sports in 2023 will that continue to to the case?

Women’s Sports in 2023

Ever sine Title IX young girls and women have been encouraged to get involved in sports. More than the increasing visibility of female athletes in the media, role models like Serena Williams; Title IX enabled a generation of girls to train and compete.

The 37 words of Title IX were enacted in 1972. It leveled the playing field for women and giving them access to the same athletic opportunities as their male counterparts.

Title IX

Title IX was a winning strategy for all female athletes in America 50 years ago. By providing equal opportunity in education and athletics Title IX heralded an explosion in women’s sports. Female participation in sports has grown by over 600% since its enactment. Prior to the passage of Title IX, only 1 in 27 girls participated in high school sports. Today, that number is 1 in 3. At the collegiate level, the number of women participating in sports has more than doubled since 1971.

Women's Sports in 2023 Women’s Sports in 2023 There are activists now attacking women’s sports in 2023. The level playing field that Title IX created. They care more about politics than what’s best for female athletes. By enforcing institutions to allow biological males to compete against women and girls, they are undoing Title IX’s success.

The Protection of Women’s Sports in 2023

Women’s sports must be protected. To combat the woke, far Left’s efforts to destroy women’s sports, and to preserve the opportunities that women’s sports have offered female athletes for half a century, I reintroduced the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act yesterday.

Institutions should be required to recognize an athlete’s gender as what it was at birth. We should stop providing federal government funding to programs or institutions that allowed biological males to participate in women’s sports.

Maintaining a successful, fair game plan for the millions of female athletes who will be competing in the future. We must recognize female athletes’ success on and off the field. We must take action to ensure that the field remains level for future generations.