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The WOAT Kim McQuilken


In the sports media, at the barber shop, on bar stools and porches around the country; dudes are obsessed with discussing The GOAT.

You know – The Greatest Of All Time.

Today I would like to discuss the opposite. The WOAT or The Worst Of All Time.

Probably the most famous GOAT discussion is in the NBA. Most people either think that Michael Jordan is the GOAT or they are wrong. But I digress….

Possibly the next hottest GOAT argument is who is the Greatest NFL QB of All Time. The general consensus usually centers around Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Otto Graham(?), etc… While I can’t say who the GOAT QB is, I have an idea who the worst of all time is.

Kim McQuilken

Kim McQuilken

Now, let me start this by saying I only went where the numbers took me. I have no grudge against Mr. McQuilken and I am sure that he is a perfectly nice guy.

He was, however, a historically terrible NFL Quarterback.

He played well enough at Lehigh(?) to be first team Division II All-American during his senior year and get drafted in the 3rd round by the Atlanta Falcons. That is when it all started going down hill.

WOAT Qualifications

I decided to choose a QB that played at least a few years and threw at least 200 passes. What makes McQuilken truly stand out in the pantheon of NFL incompetence is not just his 17.9 career passer rating or his 4-29(!) td to interception ratio.

What really sets McQuilken apart are stat lines like the one he posted in 1975 against Minnesota:

McQuilken attempted 26 passes. He completed 5 of them. He also threw 5 interceptions. So he completed as many passes to the other team as he did to his own receivers.

In 1978 he backed up Joe Theismann for the Redskins. He threw 4 passes that year. He completed one, and threw one interception… Mercifully this was his last season in the NFL

A few years later McQuilken joined the Washington Federals in the USFL. He threw seven touchdowns and 14 interceptions, leading the team to a 4-14 record. A fitting WOAT career conclusion.

Mr. McQuilken has been significantly more successful when he put the pigskin behind him for good, including becoming executive vice president of Cartoon Network.