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The Polygon Network


The Ethereum platform brings a decentralized approach to applications, payments and finances. However, it is not perfect. Enter Polygon.

The main focus of this decentralized platform is to help devs create dApps that are scalable and easy to use. Other focuses are lowering transaction fees, security, efficiency and ease of use.

Polygon is a platform that was created by developers, for developers. You get the best Ethereum

What should you know about the Polygon Network?

Polygon is a layer 2 solution. What this means is that it’s software sitting on top of the blockchain. A framework for the Internet of Blockchains. The idea here is to connect Ethereum blockchains together while boosting speeds and lowering the costs of all transactions. More than 7000 dApps used the Polygon platform in order to expand and grow. This is a testament to the value and quality of the network and the features that it brings to the table.

features and elements from sovereign blockchains into a detailed, powerful multi-chain solution. The fact that it’s more powerful and also open is what sets the Polygon Network apart and makes it ideal for a huge variety of dApps.

What solutions are a part of the Polygon Network?

The Polygon Network has different scaling solutions aimed towards crypto developers in need of very specific things. PoS is an EVM enabled blockchain and Polygon Edge is an extensible, modular framework. The network also covers the Polygon Avail blockchain focused on data availability. The Hermez open source zk Rollup and Miden, which is a Stark based zk rollup. Other solutions are already in development, making Polygon ideal for developers that want to push the boundaries.

Why should developers use the Polygon Network?

The fact that you’re able to create more secure apps quicker and with greater efficiency is a huge draw towards the Polygon platform. On top of that, sharing the project is easy, and the Polygon Network does offer more exposure to it, which is incredibly important. Polygon is also bringing more scalability, which is crucial for every project. Thanks to Web3, Polygon makes it a lot easier to implement vital, imperative features that help enhance and redefine the way we harness the blockchain’s power for business or personal use.

The Polygon Network stands out as one of the most innovative scaling solutions for Ethereum. It builds upon a great platform while also offering distinct, powerful additions and solutions. This allows enterprises to streamline how they use the Ethereum blockchain. It also personalizing their experience with comprehensive, detailed and reliable dApps that allows them to improve, adapt and scale their operation.