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My Concussions


When I was a young-ish teenager I got hit in the face with a baseball bat, on purpose – BAM! Concussed as a hell – medically diagnosed, got my eye stitched back together, etc. I was also knocked senseless with a sucker punch once – possible concussions there for sure too.


I know of at least 3 more concussions I had while playing football. No doubt in my mind – 100%. May have been more but at least those 3.

I was possibly concussed on the job site once as well. That is at least half a dozen, very well could have been more. I mean my nose was broke at some point and I never got medical attention, so who knows.

I’ve had health care sporadically at best throughout my life and all but one or two of these incidents were ever treated much less diagnosed. Technically a concussion occurs when your brain is caused to move rapidly inside your skull. They cause the brain to swell and put pressure on blood vessels. Concussions can also cause bruising of the brain tissue

Usually, rest and relaxation are advised in order to give the brain time to heal.

Concussions and CTE

My ID says organ donor – I am at least curious if I have or develop some degree of CTE. I wouldn’t be surprised about this either. I do seem to have had suspect impulse control over the years, and at least sporadically I have even been self destructive.

More personally when I watched the documentary on concussions I had an eerie sensation that allot of it seemed familiar. There is no way to know if someone has CTE until they have passed away and an autopsy is performed.

I am not sure what good it does then unless it is a specific case where concussions have been well documented. It would be nice to know if I fully recover from each concussion or if I was left with permanent damage from one or all of them.

It was a Different Time

I don’t fit the demographic who’s parents worried about concussions. I come from a generation who’s parents encouraged boys to be boys. They did not understand the damage that head trauma and repeated concussions could do to us long term.

Youth football and concussions Photo via Ben Hershey via Unsplash

At the very least awareness has been raised so that kids and parents today can make informed decisions about whether potential concussions are worth the experience of playing contact sports.

We didn’t have that privilege.