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Is Tim Dillon the Funniest Man Alive - Yes or Yes


Society is filled with challenges on a day to day basis. It’s very important to have things put into perspective. This is where someone like Tim Dillon comes into play. He is an actor, podcaster and stand-up comedian. He has continually grown his audiences and made them laugh over the last decade.

tim dillon

Tim Dillon’s early life

Tim Dillon is from Island Park in New York and is a failed child actor.

He sold subprime mortgages and worked as a tour guide in New York as he developed a substance abuse problem. It took a few years for him to clean up and achieve growth and success. His appearance at the 2016 Just for Laughs comedy festival from Montreal where he got lots of exposure. In fact, Rolling Stone named him as one of the top 10 comedians you should know in .

His appearances are always funny, no matter if he goes on the JRE or if you see one of the stand up shows. He is always delivers in a very distinctive style.

Performing in highly rated venues and achieving comedic success

Ever since his career started to blow up thanks to the 2016 comedy festival, he performed in a variety of comedy specials. He was featured on Last Comic Standing on NBC, and Fusion’s The Chris Gethard Show, the Gotham Comedy Live show from AXS TV, and Comedy Knockout as well.

tim dillon, joe rogan, and alex jonesIf you want to see more of Tim Dillon’s comedy, then it’s a great idea to check his own podcast. Initially called “Tim Dillon is Going to Hell” he covers a variety of current day topics with his own, unique spin on them. He changed the name of his podcast to The Tim Dillon Show.

Tim Dillon is one of those comedians that truly manages to stand out. Not only with the great comedic bits that he does, but his unique focus on offering something unique and different. He has a true commitment to delivering creative, edgy, funny content and he’s definitely one of the top comedians of our time right now. Check out his podcast comedic sketches on YouTube and other media, he’s well worth your time!