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Who is Florida Man?


One of the strangest legends on the internet is that of Florida Man. While his identity has not been revealed, his adventures are well documented. The Florida Man meme has been around for many years. The stereotype is that Florida Men are crazy, dangerous, and often end up in the news for doing bizarre things.

Florida Man

While there are certainly some Floridians who fit the bill of being eccentric, dangerous, or just plain strange, its far from the norm. The “Florida Man” stereotype is more of an amalgamation than anything else – always getting into wacky hijinks, usually involving alligators and / or alcohol. He’s the anonymous, barefoot, alligator-wrestling, cocaine-snorting folk hero of the Sunshine State.

He’s a legend, a mystery man who seems to be involved in everything from crazy crimes to wild weather. He’s been dubbed the ” Sunshine State’s own superhero” and has even spawned his own internet meme.

For example, there was the man who threw a live alligator in to a Wendy’s. There was also the guy who punched a manatee because he thought it was a shark. Then there was the dude that scaled and entered a Bass Pro Shops fish tank. If you want or need more examples Borded Panda has sixty.

But Where Does Florida Man Come From

As the legend of Florida man grows, so does the fascination with this mysterious figure. Who is Florida man? Why does he keep popping up in the news? And what is he up to?

The term is oddly specific. It is generally used to describe a certain type of person, usually a white male. One theory is that Florida has a large number of retirees, who tend to be older and whiter than the general population. This theory suggests that the stereotype is based on the fact that older white men are more likely to be involved in bizarre news stories.

Florida ManAnother theory is that the media is more likely to cover news stories from Florida because it is a tourist destination. This theory suggests that the Florida Man stereotype exists because the media focuses on stories from Florida that are more likely to be unusual or entertaining.

There’s something about the character that resonates with people. Maybe it’s his renegade spirit, or his willingness to take on any challenge, no matter how dangerous. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: Florida man is here to stay.