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Florida Aint Portland


The State of Florida has again proven that it is at the forefront of protecting regular citizens against law breaking crowds.

Florida Aint Portland

DeSantis’ Anti Riot Bill

The Florida Senate passed HB1, Ron DeSantis‘ Anti Riot bill, mostly along party lines. The Florida GOP Gov pushed the controversial bill in the wake of last summer’s BLM and Antifa riots and road blocking. The bill grants drivers immunity if they drive through illegal protests that are blocking roadways. Gov. DenSantis is expected to sign the legislation.

The bill also calls for state approval of any change to a municipal budget that would defund the police, make destroying a statue a felony, and holds localities liable if they interfere with state law enforcement efforts to respond to violence and looting.

Florida is not Portland

Gov, DeSantis has made law and order a key plank as he ramps up his re-election campaign. Many pundits also think that the Governor may be planning a 2024 presidential run. He has made clear that protesters stopping traffic in Florida is unacceptable. It has been compared to kidnapping or false imprisonment. While that may be hyperbolic this protesting tactic is fraught with danger and is more than a simple inconvenience.

Ron DeSantis Peaceable assembly should be encouraged. However we all saw last year’s assaults on people and vehicles when commuters tried to navigate through protesters blocking highways. There was even a shooting as a result of one group of people trying to restrain another group of people’s travel in Texas.

Not in Florida

The argument for adding more laws targeting the kinds of mass law breaking we witnessed last summer is that the laws for looting are not effective enough. The counter argument is that they are just not effectively implemented and enforced.

Ron DeSantis has seen the non stop riots in Portland. He is making sure that the same fate does not befall Florida.