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Biden Administration - Incompetent or Vindictive?


President Joe Biden announced today that regular Americans would have to make even more sacrifices. He was banning Russian oil. This inevitably leads one to wonder: is he incompetent or vindictive?

Biden Harris

Everyone that has been paying attention understands that gas prices were rising well before Russia invaded Ukraine. All of those “I did that” stickers were everywhere months ago. Even still there was President Biden blaming Putin for high gas prices in the U.S. Then doubling down by banning further Russian oil imports. All the while his press secretary was blaming oil companies themselves for the higher prices. They are not sure who is to blame, they just know it’s not them.

Regardless, we all know who ends up paying, the American public. The question is whether that is a bug or a feature of the Biden Administration.

Incompetent or Vindictive

The list is easy to compile. Covid lockdowns, deficit spending inflation, punishing fossil fuel users via policy, the debacle in Afghanistan, and now this looming energy crisis. It is easy to see why Biden himself has historically low approval ratings. What is less obvious is that this may all be going exactly to plan.

Ukraine, like the pandemic, is another tragedy ripe to be exploited.

The propaganda is pumped out through all the usual channels to gin up support. Heart strings are tugged. Regular peoples best instincts are used against them to enrich the ruling class and increase their power. All the while regular people in Ukraine die and regular people elsewhere have their wealth shaved a fraction more.

Back in America

As the democrats scrambled to spin the narrative, Pete Buttigieg went full on Anne Boleyn. The ostensible transportation secretary told a country that is, on average, driving a 2011 Honda Civic worth $4,500, that if they didn’t like the high gas prices they should buy a $50k Tesla. And then I guess install the whole battery / plugin deal in the garage. That on average most American’s do not have…

We have gone from a country that just a few years ago was energy independent to a country that now has to try and make deals with dictators for oil. And they no longer are taking our calls.

Closing the Keystone pipeline, revoking drilling permits, banning Russian oil, all add up to a great big FU to the regular Americans. Not only do most Americans drive to work, to do errands, etc. all Americans depend on goods created and shipped by petroleum. Every move the administration takes to raise the cost of fuel has a bottom line economic impact on every American.

At some point you have to wonder, are they that incompetent or are they doing it on purpose? Do they care more about the green new deal or about you and your family?